My Love Affair with Makeup

So, I’m continuing my newfound love affair with makeup. Actually, learning how to better apply makeup and getting more creative is giving me a lot of confidence, enjoyment and new ways to spend my money, which is always good fun!

If you’ve been around me for a while, you probably know that I’m a vegan and cruelty free makeup is important to me. Plus, if you’re interested in checking out cruelty free makeup you might be surprised to know that good QUALITY cruelty free makeup is kind of hard to come by.

That’s why I really love this Arbonne line. It’s vegan, cruelty free and VERY lovely going on and coming off, especially the foundation (which goes on like a dream). Plus, a little goes a long way and the coverage is superior!



I also LOVE the mascara and I think the name, “It’s a Long Story” is very cute. I was heart-broken when I realised my beloved 2,000 Calorie Mascara was tested on rabbits! I simply had to give it up immediately! But you have no idea how long it took me to find another waterproof, smudge proof brand that washes off easily with soap and water and this brand is excellent.

Another thing I had never used was a primer for my shadow (who knew). After all, I’m not a professional makeup artist, but I learned that applying it to your lids PRIOR to applying your shadow makes a BIG difference in the way it sticks to your eyes & lasts.



Finally, the brows. I’ve always had Frida Kahlo brows (aka “uni-brow”) and keeping them tame is an ongoing gardening chore, if you know what I mean? But they’re nothing that a good SHARP pencil and brush, plus a little eyebrow mascara can’t handle (again, your brow pencil must be sharp)

I’ve always personally loved Audrey Hepburn brows and wondered how she got them so perfect? Obviously, it’s an art I’ll have to practice, but at least I now have a goal.


OK, I didn’t mean to write an entire novella, but I thought if you’re new to the world of makeup like I am, or at least new to putting more time and effort into it, you might find it interesting. Plus, there are some great tips on You-Tube.

My daughter happens to be a professional makeup artist, so taught me a few tips and tricks for aging skin over the last few years, which I’ll keep sharing with you. I’ve noticed many women start to move away from makeup as they age because they think it makes them look older. It’s really the opposite. It’s all about getting the application right for your age. I guarantee, if done right it’ll make you look & feel ten years younger ?

What’s your biggest makeup challenge or goal?

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