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If you’ve started adding more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet

That’s fantastic. In fact I applaud you for taking that step towards improved health and well-being. But if you are, or considering following a fully plant based lifestyle; you shouldn’t under-estimate the benefits of fresh organic home delivery.

Overall, fresh and organic are THE keywords for thriving

On a fully plant based diet. The reason being is because ALL of your calories and nutrients are come from plant sources. This means those sources MUST be of the freshest and most nutrient dense quality available.

Over the years there have been numerous studies around the benefits of organic foods for their health giving properties and for their ability to provide superior nutrients compared with their conventional counterparts. Does this mean that unless you eat organic there’s no point in going fully plant based? No, not all at.

But it does mean you’ll get a lot more nutrition from your food and consume less.

This makes up for the extra cost of buying organic

Which is an issue for many people. Ultimately however, for your health, you really can’t afford to go with anything less.


This also brings us to the importance of eating the freshest fruits and vegetables

That you can buy as well. Further studies have shown that fruits and vegetables quickly lose their nutritional properties shortly after being picked and certainly if they travel longer distances, like blueberries from Peru for example.

For me, it’s mainly these two areas where having fresh, local, organic food delivered straight to my door once a week is a real God send!

When I first started on home delivery, I tried a couple of places, but some of them were even a little too “organic” for me.

In other words, when my veggie box arrived the produce was wilted and a bit worse for wear. This was mainly because it was a very small mom and pop operation, which I really wanted to support, but it just didn’t have the selection of goods, or the convenience to make it sustainable over the long haul.

I finally found a place called Able and Cole who I’ve stuck with for several years now. They’re great because they source from several local farms (yes, even the smaller “mom and pop” operations, so no guilt) and they have a really large selection of regular weekly veggie boxes and price ranges to suit almost any budget.

They also have dried goods, like a decent selection of grains, rice and beans, as well as stuff for your cupboards like crackers, tinned tomatoes, olive & hemp oils, etc. plus green kitchen and bathroom cleaners. You know the drill.

In addition to my regular standing weekly box, which changes from week to week, I can also order extra leafy greens for smoothies (they have specialty smoothie and juice boxes by the way) and other products for the hubby like chocolate and coffee. I can even change what’s coming that week in my normal veggie box.

Bonus: You can EVEN create a “never send” list for the stuff you just can’t take.

One of the best features is that I can order and pay online with my card which is an extra benefit because it keeps me from having to make a special trip to the farm, farmers market, health food store, or the regular supermarket. Plus, anything requiring refrigeration is packed on ice, so it stays cool until I get home from the office.

Overall, I can’t sing the praises of the benefits of fresh organic home delivery enough.

I really believe its made my plant based journey so much more do-able!

Let’s face it, convenience is king and when I can plan my meals in advance, when I know what’s coming on what day and when, when I look forward to my big box of yummy, fresh goodies outside my door every Thursday morning and when I can swap out veggies or place last minute orders when the whim strikes me… I’m sold.

I highly recommend taking a look online at what’s available in your area. More places like Ocado and Planet Organic are cropping up every where these days and with the convenience of the Internet and paying online, I guarantee the benefits of fresh organic home delivery will be the best decision you’ve made in a long time.

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